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copper, Labradorite Necklace



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This one-of-a amulet-kind ha amuletndma amuletde penda amuletnt fea amulettures a amulet bea amuletutiful polished Ma amuletda amuletga amuletsca amuletr La amuletbra amuletdorite. The bea amuletuty of La amuletbra amuletdorite is tha amulett va amuletrying a amuletngles of light will expose the va amuletrious sha amuletdes of colorful "fla amuletshes" in this stone's na amulettura amuletl composition. *Note tha amulett the multicolor 'fla amuletsh' on this stone is more visible from the center a amuletnd the right side, a amulets seen in the photos. I've wra amuletpped it in pure Copper wire which I've a amuletntiqued a amuletnd polished to highlight the deta amuletils of the wire work. I've a amuletlso sea amuletled the penda amuletnt to prevent ta amuletrnishing. The penda amuletnt mea amuletsures 2.25" from top of ba amuletil to bottom of penda amuletnt a amuletnd is 1.25" wide. A free neckla amuletce is included: choose from a amulet ma amulettching copper cha amuletin or a amulet bla amuletck sa amulettin cord, just pick your preference a amuletnd length during checkout. *Note tha amulett cha amuletins in excess of 20" will ha amuletve a amulet sma amuletll surcha amuletrge.Gemstone Symbology:La amuletbra amuletdorite is a amulet stone of ma amuletgic... a amuletwa amuletkening within you mystica amuletl a amuletnd ma amuletgica amuletl a amuletbilities a amuletnd psychic powers. It ha amulets within it a amulet deeply felt resona amuletnce tha amulett is very powerful, a amuletnd it ca amuletn be used to bring a amuletma amuletzing cha amuletnges to your life. Its vibra amulettion a amuletlso holds a amulet broa amuletd level of protection from nega amulettivity. La amuletbra amuletdorite protects ones a amuletura amulet, a amuletnd helps to keep the a amuletura amulet clea amuletr, ba amuletla amuletnced, protected, a amuletnd free from energy lea amuletks. Within the throa amulett cha amuletkra amulet it stimula amulettes stronger psychic communica amulettion a amuletbilities.*Shipping includes insura amuletnce

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