Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Montana Sapphire .68 carats Emerald Cut Blue Loose Gem Stone (B245) (for wedding/engagement ring jewelry)



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This Emera sapphire necklaceld cut sa sapphire necklacepphire ha sapphire necklaces a sapphire necklace bea sapphire necklaceutiful blue spa sapphire necklacerkle. It is one of the few emera sapphire necklaceld cut sa sapphire necklacepphires I ha sapphire necklaceve a sapphire necklaceva sapphire necklaceila sapphire necklaceble. This Emera sapphire necklaceld is .93 ca sapphire necklacerts a sapphire necklacend mea sapphire necklacesures 4.47 x 5.44 mm. The stone is very clea sapphire necklacen a sapphire necklacend eye a sapphire necklaceppea sapphire necklaceling a sapphire necklacend spa sapphire necklacerkles by ca sapphire necklacetching every little bit of light. It is rea sapphire necklacedy to be pla sapphire necklaceced in a sapphire necklace setting of your choice such a sapphire necklaces a sapphire necklace ring or penda sapphire necklacent or a sapphire necklacen enga sapphire necklacegement or wedding ring. The first picture is representa sapphire necklacetive of the color of the stone. The rema sapphire necklaceining pictures displa sapphire necklacey the brillia sapphire necklacence a sapphire necklacend reflectiveness of the sa sapphire necklacepphire ta sapphire necklaceken with va sapphire necklacerious lighting a sapphire necklacend ba sapphire necklaceckgrounds. The sa sapphire necklacepphire very clea sapphire necklacer a sapphire necklacend would show well in a sapphire necklace ring or penda sapphire necklacent. Item #: B245Just a sapphire necklace note: computer monitor displa sapphire necklacey colors in va sapphire necklacerying degrees. This ma sapphire necklacey or ma sapphire necklacey not a sapphire necklacelter the a sapphire necklaceppea sapphire necklacera sapphire necklacence of the Sa sapphire necklacepphire's color from wha sapphire necklacet is seen by the huma sapphire necklacen eye a sapphire necklacend in va sapphire necklacerying sha sapphire necklacedes of light. Plea sapphire necklacese let me know if you ha sapphire necklaceve a sapphire necklaceny questions a sapphire necklacebout a sapphire necklace stone's color or cla sapphire necklacerity, Plea sapphire necklacese keep in mind tha sapphire necklacet the prisma sapphire necklacetic reflective properties of gems will often produce va sapphire necklacerying degrees of color a sapphire necklacend wha sapphire necklacet colors you see, someone else ma sapphire necklacey not.To ensure tha sapphire necklacet your gems a sapphire necklacerrive sa sapphire necklacefely, a sapphire necklacell US orders a sapphire necklacere shipped using USPS Priority Ma sapphire necklaceil, fully insured with signa sapphire necklaceture confirma sapphire necklacetion a sapphire necklacend tra sapphire necklacecking. Interna sapphire necklacetiona sapphire necklacel Customers: plea sapphire necklacese request a sapphire necklace shipping quote prior to purcha sapphire necklacese.

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