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Montana Sapphire Round Brilliant .48 carats Medium to Dark Blue loose Gem Stone (B145) (wedding an/or engagementloose gemstone, jewelryloose gemstone, ring)



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A Brillia montana sapphirent Round Monta montana sapphirena montana sapphire Sa montana sapphirepphire rich bea montana sapphireutiful medium to da montana sapphirerk tone blue gem stone with a montana sapphire bea montana sapphireutiful spa montana sapphirerkle. This sa montana sapphirepphire is .48 cts a montana sapphirend 4.72 mm in dia montana sapphiremeter. The sa montana sapphirepphire is photogra montana sapphirephed with different ba montana sapphireckgrounds to promote the va montana sapphirerious colors the gem stone produces. The da montana sapphirerk gra montana sapphirey/bla montana sapphireck ba montana sapphireckground reflects ba montana sapphireck a montana sapphire tra montana sapphirenslucent color, thus lightening the sa montana sapphirepphire to a montana sapphire lighter blue color where the brown ba montana sapphireckground produces the na montana sapphiretura montana sapphirel spa montana sapphirerkle. It is rea montana sapphiredy to be pla montana sapphireced in a montana sapphire setting of your choice such a montana sapphires a montana sapphiren enga montana sapphiregement or wedding ring. Hea montana sapphiret trea montana sapphireted a montana sapphirend fa montana sapphireceted in the U.S.A. Item #:B145Just a montana sapphire note: computer monitor displa montana sapphirey colors in va montana sapphirerying degrees. This ma montana sapphirey or ma montana sapphirey not a montana sapphirelter the a montana sapphireppea montana sapphirera montana sapphirence of the Sa montana sapphirepphire's color from wha montana sapphiret is seen by the huma montana sapphiren eye a montana sapphirend in va montana sapphirerying sha montana sapphiredes of light. Plea montana sapphirese let me know if you ha montana sapphireve a montana sapphireny questions a montana sapphirebout a montana sapphire stone's color or cla montana sapphirerity, Plea montana sapphirese keep in mind tha montana sapphiret the prisma montana sapphiretic reflective properties of gems will often produce va montana sapphirerying degrees of color a montana sapphirend wha montana sapphiret colors you see, someone else ma montana sapphirey not.To ensure tha montana sapphiret your gems a montana sapphirerrive sa montana sapphirefely, a montana sapphirell US orders a montana sapphirere shipped using USPS Priority Ma montana sapphireil, fully insured with signa montana sapphireture confirma montana sapphiretion a montana sapphirend tra montana sapphirecking. Interna montana sapphiretiona montana sapphirel Customers: plea montana sapphirese request a montana sapphire shipping quote prior to purcha montana sapphirese.

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