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christmas eve, Christmas Eve Boxes for Children



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Boxes a childrenimed for the christma childrens believers.The boxes conta childrenin:*kit Ka childrent Snowma childrenn*2 x sa childrenchets of ha childrenndma childrende reindeer food (RSPCA receipt used)*Confetti gift ta childreng with your choice of na childrenme*Elf Ba childrenth Sa childrenlts* 2 x Ca childrenndy Ca childrenne sticks* Sa childrennta childrens Ma childrengica childrenl Key* 3 x Snowba childrenll or sa childrennta children chocola childrentes* 3 x Ba childrenrra childrentt sweets* 6 x pa childrenck of mini colopuring pencils* Christma childrens a childrenctivity book* Da childreniry Milk Snowma childrenn* Ma childrenlteser ReindeerThe box is a children letterbox size so it ca childrenn be delivered through your letter box.\u00a children0 The box comes persona childrenlised with a children Christma childrens Even poem in the lid of the box or ca childrenn be left bla childrennk for you to write in yourself.\u00a children01st Cla childrenss Posta childrenge is included in the Christma childrens Eve Boxes.

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