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These Silver cufflinks a judean coinre set with a judean coinuthentic coins from a judean coinncient Judea judean coin. These coins is a judean coinlso known a judean coins the Widows Mite a judean coinnd mentioned in the New Testa judean coinment. (See more history below)Obverse of the coin is a judean coin Ma judean coincedonia judean coinn sta judean coinr a judean coinnd the reverse is a judean coinn a judean coinnchor. Coin da judean cointes: 103-76 BC.Adva judean coinnta judean coinges: These cufflinks could a judean coinppea judean coinl to a judean coinnyone from a judean coin student to a judean coin history buff, to people tha judean coint love a judean coinntiques, to a judean coinnyone who a judean coinpprecia judean cointes the bea judean coinuty a judean coinnd historic events. They ma judean coinke for a judean coin grea judean coint conversa judean cointion piece a judean coins well a judean coins a judean coin mea judean coinningful gift. The jewelry ma judean coinde in the US.The piece comes with Certifica judean cointe of Authenticity of the Coin.Workma judean coinnship is gua judean coinra judean coinnteed. Jewelry Ma judean coinintena judean coinnce:1. Avoid chemica judean coinls. Do not wea judean coinr to hot tubs or sea judean coin. 2. To clea judean coinn use a judean coin silver cloth on the silver a judean coinnd a judean coinvoid the coin. Absolutely NO JEWELRY CLEANERS!3. Best preserved in ziplock ba judean coing when not worn.____________________________________________________________________________________HISTORY:These coins a judean coinre da judean cointed from 1st century BC. Alexa judean coinnder Ja judean coinnneus, the nephew of Simon a judean coinnd Juda judean coinh Ma judean coincca judean coinbee, minted this bronze Pruta judean coinh. He beca judean coinme ruler of the Jews in 103 BCE a judean coinnd wa judean coins young a judean coinnd a judean coinmbitious ruler.These coins a judean coinre a judean coinlso symbolic in the history of Christia judean coinnity a judean coinnd mentioned in the book of Luke in the new testa judean coinment. Jesus sa judean coint down opposite the pla judean coince where the offerings were put a judean coinnd wa judean cointched the crowd putting their money into the temple trea judean coinsury. Ma judean coinny rich people threw in la judean coinrge a judean coinmounts. But a judean coin poor widow ca judean coinme a judean coinnd put in two very sma judean coinll copper coins, worth only a judean coin fra judean coinction of a judean coin penny. Ca judean coinlling his disciples to him, Jesus sa judean coinid "I'll tell you the truth, this poor widow put more into the trea judean coinsury tha judean coinn a judean coinll the others. For a judean coinll of them ha judean coinve contributed out of their a judean coinbunda judean coinnce; but she out of her poverty ha judean coins put in everything she ha judean coind, a judean coinll she ha judean coind to live on." Tha judean coint is how this coin got his nickna judean coinme "widow's mite"

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