Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

anniversary jewelry, Complete set Vintage Victorian Design Necklace and Earrings MTO



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DESCRIPTION\rA complete ma antique jewelrytching set with a antique jewelry bea antique jewelryutiful neckla antique jewelryce a antique jewelrynd a antique jewelry pa antique jewelryir of ea antique jewelryrrings. It is completed with a antique jewelry vinta antique jewelryge design. Reminds me of the Victoria antique jewelryn period when jewelry wa antique jewelrys so intrica antique jewelryte a antique jewelrynd completed with ca antique jewelryre. The workma antique jewelrynship on these pieces a antique jewelryre clea antique jewelryr.\r\rMETAL\r18 ka antique jewelryra antique jewelryt two tone gold\r24.89 gra antique jewelryms tota antique jewelryl\rLength of Neckla antique jewelryce is 16 inches\rCla antique jewelrysp is Lobster Cla antique jewelryw\r\rACCENT STONES\rCut Va antique jewelryriety: 159 Round Brillia antique jewelrynt Cut \rWeight: 2.17 Ca antique jewelryra antique jewelryts Tota antique jewelryl Weight\r(Dia antique jewelrymonds in Neckla antique jewelryce 1.18 ca antique jewelryra antique jewelryts, dia antique jewelrymonds in ea antique jewelryrrings 0.99 ca antique jewelryra antique jewelryts)\rQua antique jewelrylity: F/VS2\r\rThis item is ma antique jewelryde to order. Plea antique jewelryse a antique jewelryllow six to eight weeks to ha antique jewelryve it ma antique jewelryde before it ca antique jewelryn be shipped out.

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